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Brick Wizard is a way to save money shopping for LEGO parts at BrickLink authored by Rotsiser Mho.
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Brick Wizard consolidates BrickLink orders by taking a BrickStore or BrickStock inventory file and determining the least expensive combination of BrickLink stores that contain all LEGO parts in the inventory in the desired quantities. For example, if you wish to find the least expensive combination of stores from which to buy 100 red 2x2 bricks and 200 1x4 blue plates you would use BrickStore to add those parts to an inventory file and open it in Brick Wizard. The Wizard can then search BrickLink and find a combination of stores that have all 300 pieces at the lowest available price. Searches can be limited by region and by maximum number of stores per combination to complete your order. Prices can be shown in a number of denominations. The output can be pasted as XML directly into a BrickLink Wanted List.

Brick Wizard's optimizer is written is C++ for speed. It is compatible with Mac OS X Mavericks+ and Windows 7+. Windows version requires .NET Framework 4.0.

As of 2015, Brick Wizard was in active beta development. Bugs reports and feature requests are tracked the Brick Wizard Trello board.

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