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Basic wall section with access to battlements via steps.
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The CCC wall standard is a component of the Classic Castle City standard used for creating the outer defensive walls and fortifications of a city and is based on 32x32 baseplates in either straight and corner module configurations. Wall is a misleading term as the modules can include keeps or gatehouses or indeed any structure so long as it connects to the modules on either side.

Walls are built on a four-stud deep foundation centred on the baseplate and either travelling straight across or turning at a 90 degree angle in the middle to create a corner. The total height of the basic wall module is 8 and 1/3 bricks high. This includes a two-brick high wall on top of a single 6xX baseplate to create a battlement that overhangs the wall by one stud at front and back. This leaves a four-stud walkway along the top of the wall.

The remaining wall height (6 bricks) is conveniently the height of the standard castle wall pieces although there is no requirement to use these pieces in constructing a module.

Modules are connected at the base of the walls using technic pins.

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