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Dr. Kilroy is a world traveler and adventurer who, along with his companions Pippin Read and Johnny Thunder, finds ancient treasures around the globe.



This section is based on appearances in comic book adventures featuring the Adventurers heroes.

Dr. Kilroy is the oldest on Johnny's team. A British professor, he used to adventure with Johnny's father and was a witness when he was killed. Now Dr. Kilroy adventure with his younger friends offering them guidance as their path begins.

Dr. Kilroy is occasionally naïve when he’s fascinated. He once had to be reminded to run from a monster. But usually Dr. Kilroy is full of wisdom and simply enjoys helping Johnny and Pippin.


Dr. Kilroy is a calm kind man who rarely raises his voice. He's especially gentle with the younger generation and hates to see them hurt in any way. Hence the fact he gets on so well with Johnny and Pippin.

Since he was asked by Johnny’s father to guide Johnny and any friend he had, Dr. Kilroy feels he has some responsibility to make sure the two are on the right path of life and keeping them safe from harm.


Dr. Kilroy is extremely clever. He's the smart one in the group and is often the one starting the adventure. But he is also as skillful physically as the other two despite his growing age. It is assumed he taught them their skills.


  • Johnny Thunder Dr. Kilroy is happy to help Johnny follow his father's path in anyway he can (a promise he made to the father before he died). The two are like father and son to each other.
  • Pippin Read Dr. Kilroy pities Pippin for her tough life and is the first to realize her toughness is a front. Feeling sorry for her he really hopes to help her find her place in the life outside of cruelty.
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