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Eric Sophie, also known as the Legomaster, is a LEGO fan. He is a member of, and was a frequent contributor to, LUGNET. He was a pioneer of large scale Mecha building and presenting LEGO as art to the general public.

The name Legomaster was a nickname given to Eric by friends in recognition of his expertise in building large robots from Lego. Eric embraced the name and used it for his exhibitions, but also acknowledged that most fans were, at heart, Legomasters too.

Eric's signature builds were Mecha, with exotic names such as Grelnix, Beesh and Klymyth.

Eric conducted and participated in a number of public LEGO shows, including shows at the Kids Kingdom Parks in New Jersey (2010), and ran an after-school LEGO building group.

Eric's involvement in the AFOL community ceased in 2010.

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