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The phrase expanded universe is borrowed from the world of sci-fi and comic book fandom where it is more widely used to describe supplementary material in any licenced property.

The term Expanded Universe usually relates to Star Wars and refers to any content that has been licensed by LucasArts as Star Wars material but does not appear in any of the Star Wars films. Material that comes from the films is frequently referred to as being canon, while material from novels, video games, comics, and cartoons is referred to as non-canon or expanded universe.

LEGO originally produced no Expanded Universe sets. However, they broke this trend to the surprise of many LEGO enthusiasts when they added the TIE/d automated starfighter (from the Dark Empire books) in the TIE fighter collection (10131). In the summer of 2007, another EU set appeared among the lego products, the TIE crawler (7664), a tank that has appeared in many star wars games and books. The set also includes two stormtrooper minifigures with black armour, called shadow troopers, which are also from the Expanded Universe

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