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Website URL -
Services and activities Real Life: Puts on games at gaming conventions
Online: Yahoo discussion group
Year founded 2002
Membership type(s) informal
Membership cost Free
Target audience ALEs who are interested in LEGO based gaming.
Discussion groups? Members only Yahoo group

The Gaming LEGO Users Group (GameLUG or GLUG) is the LUG for those who like to play games using LEGO.


GameLUG was founded in 2002 to foster growth and promotion of gaming using LEGO as a valid sub hobby for gamers, and as a valid subhobby for LEGO enthusiasts.


No formal governance. Decisions are made by consensus among active members after discussion. The now defunct website was donated and there is no treasury.


GameLUG members usually participate as a group in the two major gaming conventions Gen Con and Origins and sometimes run games at BrickFest.

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