Imperial Star Destroyer (10030)

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Set number 10030
Set name Imperial Star Destroyer (Star Wars)
Number of pieces 3104
Year released 2001
  • Largest set released at the time
  • Aimed firmly at adults (age 16+)

The Imperial Star Destroyer, (often abbreviated to ISD among Adult Fans of LEGO), was once the largest set available from LEGO. At 3104 pieces and retail price of 299 $US, it quickly became a status item among AFOLs and Star Wars collectors. The model measures over 95cm (37 inches) long.

The ISD became popular as both a model and as a parts kit. As a model, the set contained a significant amount of detail, remarkable considering that nearly the entire model is done one color (classic light grey). Novel construction techniques (at least for a production model) were used. Magnets, for example, were used to fasten the four wings. As a parts kit, the abundance and variety of grey pieces, especially large plates, gave this set a nickname of 'the bulk grey plates pack'.

The set also included a display stand (typical of Ultimate Collector Series sets) and a miniature Rebel Blockade Runner (RBR). This micro-scale blockade runner, being to scale with the Star Destroyer, has led many AFOLs to create entire fleets to scale, from the Millenium Falcon to Mon Cal cruisers.

Some faults with the set, including fragility of construction and the tendency of some components to distort under load, have been noted by AFOLs.

The ISD also introduced an event known as competitive team speed building. Teams of 10 builders would meet (typically at a convention) to build an ISD straight out of the box. The record time (from searching the Lugnet Newsgroups) is 1 hour 2 minutes by a group at 1000 Steine-Land in 2004.

The ISD did prove the viability of producing sets specifically for adult collectors, as the age recommendation of the set was for 16 years and up.

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