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Joe Meno
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Joe is a long-time LEGO fan.

In 2005, he launched BrickJournal, a magazine about the LEGO hobby, and is chief editor of the magazine.

In 2006, he organized BrickFest. Besides this event, he organized House of Bricks 2006 (Chicago), BrickMagic (Raleigh, NC), and has done group displays in Washington, DC (the National Air and Space Museum) and Chapel Hill, North Carolina (Morehead Planetarium).

Joe has also been involved the LEGO Group in product development.

He lives in Raleigh, NC and builds in mostly space and micro themes.


For a complete list of published works see: Category:Joe Meno.

In addition to editing BrickJournal Meno is also the author of several works including The Cult of LEGO.

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