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The LEGO Ambassadors program is the responsibility of the Community Support Team. Members are chosen from amongst fans from various communities who are committed to sharing their knowledge and building expertise with the world-wide LEGO community of kids, fans and collectors. The mission of the LEGO Ambassadors is to help inspire LEGO builders of all ages and from all across the world to create, imagine, design and build.

see also: LEGO Ambassadors (list).

The number of Ambassadors and their term has varied over the life of the program. As well the method of selection has evolved from the first group which was simply chosen by LEGO employees to the system used since Cycle 5 (2007 - 2008) which allows LUGs, LTCs and other fan organizations to nominate Ambassadors. It was also with Cycle 5 that the term was set at one yearterm .

LEGO Ambassadors Network

In 2014 the program was reorganized and rebranded as the LEGO Ambassadors NetworkLAN.

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