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Ross Crawford is an Australian AFOL and LEGO Ambassador (5th cycle). He is a respected community leader, master Technic builder, a co-founder of JLUG and a former member of the Brickvention organising committee (resigning in 2014). He has also been a Part Admin at as well as a member of the LDraw Standards Commitee.

Ross is also a key contributor to Brickwiki, where he is known by the name "Roscohead".

Bridging Sydney Exhibition

The Bridging Sydney exhibit
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In January 2007, Ross was Artist in Residence at the Museum of Sydney, and built a model of the Sydney Harbour Bridge as part of the bridge's 75th Anniversary Celebrations. The model is 4m long, with the top of the arch over 1m tall, and consists of over 11,000 bricks (supplied via LEGO).

Since that display, his bridge model has spent time at the Ipswich Art Gallery, and was displayed until 2012 at Myer Sydney.

It also appears in Warren Elsmore's book 'Brick City', and is featured on the cover of the Australian edition.

The model currently resides at The Baseplate, the clubroom of MUGS.

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