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Set numbers are the numbers LEGO and other companies give to their building sets as a form of classification for the company and users. They can usually be found in the top left corner of the box or polybag a set comes in. Each set (with very few exceptions for some early sets) has its own unique number. This is important as Set titles sometimes are not consistent.


Numbering System

The company has always tended to have some degree of order to their set numbers (eg. Model Team sets were usually given a number between 5500 and 5599) but in 20121 a new formal system appears to have been introduced that uses 5-digit numbers grouped by theme. Previously 5-digit numbers had been used only for Hard to Find and other special editions.

Numbers and Themes

  • 10xxx - LEGO exclusives
  • 20xxx - Brickmaster/MBA
  • 21xxx - Architecture
  • 30xxx - Promotional polybags
  • 40xxx - LEGO brand retail polybags/small seasonal sets
  • 55xxx - Universe
  • 65xxx - Super-packs


LEGO describes sets using the format Set Title (Set Number) which BrickWiki has chosen to emulate as a convention.

Non LEGO set numbers

Other vendors have also established set numbering systems. For example Milton Train Works has developed an elaborate numbering system with number ranges assigned to each type of custom kit:

  • 1xxx - Freight and passenger cars (non-powered)
  • 2xxx - Locomotives (powered or non-powered, but not designed to carry freight or passengers)
  • 3xxx - Self propelled rail vehicles (designed to carry freight or passengers. For example Doodlebugs and streetcars)
  • 4xxx - Structures
  • 5xxx - Non rail vehicles

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