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00:24, 3 February 2015BrickWizardResults.PNG (file)83 KBALittleSlow (Screenshot of Brick Wizard results)1
00:20, 3 February 2015BrickWizardLogo.PNG (file)2 KBALittleSlow (The icon of Brick Wizard software authored by Rotsiser Mho)1
22:20, 25 January 2015Dropbox.PNG (file)149 KBALittleSlow (screen shot from Brickworld Indy layer)1
22:08, 23 January 2015PLUG logo.PNG (file)88 KBALittleSlow 1
02:11, 5 June 2013Lrobotikas OT.png (file)4 KBALittleSlow (Lrobotikas logo)1
00:03, 4 June 2013WikiProject Lego OT.png (file)14 KBALittleSlow (A 2x4 red plastic brick like a Lego brick. Licensed under [ GNU Free Document License]. Original document from
20:31, 23 May 2013Wheel Lift 12x12 hi res.PNG (file)187 KBALittleSlow (A wheel lift by User:ALittleSlow. Instructions at [ MOCpages].)1
03:40, 26 March 20136777240179 87ee61093d b.jpg (file)388 KBALittleSlow (German Fire Engine v3 (06) From the builder/photographer: My third try at modeling a german [sic] fire engine. This one is called a 'Hilfeleistungslöschfahrzeug' in german (equivalent to a rescue/pumper I guess). It carries a wide variety of equipment, )1
00:19, 14 March 2013Tom Atkinson model happy via photo.jpg (file)416 KBALittleSlow (Conveyor belt great ball contraption with a recirculating option. Built by Tom Atkinson. Photo by [ happy via]. )1
23:02, 17 January 2013Visitor to Billy's Castle 480.png (file)393 KBALittleSlow (A young Greenfield Brick Expo visitor checks out Billy's Castle in 2013)1
04:06, 13 July 2012ALittleSlow when brackets fail.png (file)1.23 MBALittleSlow (Photo mosaic of a LEGO storage system catastrophic failure. Photo by ALittleSlow.)1
02:32, 10 July 2012IndyLUG vignettes.jpg (file)58 KBALittleSlow (Vignettes from an IndyLUG contest, April 10, 2005)1
10:52, 25 May 2012IndyLUG OT.png (file)18 KBALittleSlow (IndyLUG logo. )1

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