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A storage system showing a variety of storage containers, with varying effectiveness
Storage of LEGO elements is closely intertwined with the chosen sorting method and varies based on such factors as the size of the collection and the method of play. Many builders like to sit on the floor surrounded by all their pieces allowing the search for pieces to inspire them as they build. Others prefer to find just the piece they need as quickly as possible.
No one system of storage can meet the needs of every AFOL but the following are some suggestions from those who have been there.



Some items that may be helpful in establishing a sorting system are

  • Ziploc(TM) bags: both gallon and quart (or metric equivalent) size are useful, easyloc are recommended.
  • Gladware(TM) or similar reusable storage containers in a variety of sizes.
  • Tackle boxes
  • Tool boxes: many designs available.
  • Cabinets and cubbies and storage drawers


  • Don't try to develop the perfect sorting and storage system with purchase of a first set. Let the system grow as the collection grows.
  • Sort as extensively as you need to so you can find the pieces you need without getting frustrated, and not one bit more. The larger your collection, the more sorting will be required.
  • Some manufacturers of storage bins change their molds often. If it is considered important that all storage bins match, it may be desirable to purchase as many as you think you will need for the future at one time. Alternatively, choose a storage system that has been around for a while, such as the Plano 3700 series, or standard bin organizers.

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A variety of solutions from various fans.

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