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TLC is short for The LEGO Company, while TLG stands for The LEGO Group.

In Adult Fans of LEGO(AFOL)forums, these two acronyms have been used interchangeably, and both refer to the international conglomerate of companies owned by LEGO A/S in Billund, Denmark and which collectively manufacture and distribute LEGO bricks.

In the early 1980's (possibly earlier), the collective was referred to in LEGO brochures as "The LEGO Group of Companies". Copyrights on instruction manuals of the time often referred to "The LEGO Group", so many AFOLs called it TLG. In the late 1990's, the group changed it's official name to "The LEGO Company", at which point many AFOLs got used to writing TLC. In 2004, in effort to better organize the group's holdings, they officially reverted to the name "The LEGO Group", and fans are currently encouraged to use the TLG acronym.

On a related note, many fans also mention LEGO Systems Inc., LEGO A/S, LEGO Shop at Home, etc. when referring to The LEGO Group. However, these terms generally refer to subsidiary companies held by the Group. (In the case of these examples, LEGO Systems Inc. is the North American distribution center in Enfield, CT, USA; LEGO A/S is the primary manufacturing and HQ in Billund, Denmark; and LEGO Shop at Home is the entity that supports mail catalogs and online shop services.)

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