Journeymen LEGO Users Group

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Journeymen LEGO Users Group

Website URL
Services and activities Online: information.
Real Life: none yet
Year founded 2005
Membership type(s) None
Membership cost N/A
Target audience Mature
Discussion groups? None

Warning! JLUG is intended for a mature audience.

JLUG is the Journeymen LEGO Users Group

The JLUG is a group of LEGO enthusiasts who were not geographically centred but certainly worked together through online communication. After joking around for awhile it started making sense to have a group that could participate online, especially for those unable to attend regular LUG meetings due to distance or other factors or for those who just can't seem to join enough LUGs. Members were encouraged to think out of the box or stay tightly in the box they enjoy. JLUG had a forum and a chatroom for members to get together and talk about whatever people talk about, and a limited image gallery where members could upload pictures.

JLUG was founded in 2005 by Janey "Red Brick" Cook. Forum and chat were installed and maintained by Ross "Roscohead" Crawford. After major data loss in June 2007 due to a disk crash, the forums and chatroom were removed permanently [1] although the site remains online without these.


Technical Information

JLUG Forum was based on the open-source phpBB bulletin board package. Using BBCode, could be applied formatting to forum posts.


Members of JLUG have been frequently accused of trolling other sites which led some (see eg. [2]) to accuse the site of inciting such behaviour. As a completely unmoderated forum it also offered a place for people to air their grievances of other sites which led to a certain amount of unpopularity among both non-members and inactive members.

Successor Forum

Following the closure of JLUG forum and chat many of the members and memes moved to Stajinaria.

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