Leg godt

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Leg godt are the two Danish words used to create the name LEGO. The meaning of the words are play well.

Some AFOLs use the term as a salutation.

Other languages

  • Danish: Leg godt
  • English: Play well
  • French: Joue bien
  • German: Spiel gut
  • Italian: Gioca bene
  • Japanese: Yoku asobo
  • Latin: Ludo bene1
  • Portuguese: Jogue bem
  • Spanish: Juega bien
  • Swedish: Lek väl
  • Norwegian: Lek bra
  • Finnish: Leiki hyvin
  • Dutch: speel goed


1 - It has been suggested that the word LEGO also comes from the Latin verb 3rd conjugation verb lego, which can be very loosely translated as "I put together" or "I gather". This is most likely not true, since that verb generally referred to gathering bones/cremated remains.