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Technic is a LEGO theme introduced in 1977 designed to allow the (typically, more advanced or older) builder to create machines, vehicles and other mechanisms that work like they do in real life with simulated functions. This is achieved by introducing axles, gears, bushings, liftarms and beams to the palette of LEGO elements. The Technic line has been expanded with electric motors, Pneumatics (air power), and programmable bricks (Mindstorms).

Technic creations are usually built on a larger scale than System. There have been some figures produced for the Technic theme, which are a lot larger than both minifigs and Jack Stone sized figures. Figures (or dolls) from the LEGO themes Belville and Scala can be used with some technic Technic models.

Some Technic builders choose to build creations to look more realistic than the 'skeletal' Technic style traditionally used by LEGO themselves. The creations end up as a hybrid of Technic and Model Team. This style usually involves compromises such as reduced functionality, modifying standard LEGO parts, or using non-LEGO items.

See also: technicopedia.

New themes have spawned from Technic, for example Slizer and later the very popular Bionicle.

Notable sets

Technic is a vast line. Here are a few sets considered notable:

  • Robotic Invention System: This has multiple sets, released in at least three versions with a programmable brick, the RCX. Sets includes: 3804 (version 2.0), 9747 (version 1.5), and 9719 (version 1.0)
  • Super Street Sensation or Super Car Mk II (8448) A very complex car with suspension, a working engine, gearbox with 5 speed + reverse and gull wing doors.
  • Space Shuttle / "FOS Light" Space Shuttle (8480): A technic tour de force, many motors, actuators, micromotors, fiber optic system for decoration, robotic arm, satellite, etc. One of the largest Technic sets at over 1300 elements.
  • Backhoe (8455) A backhoe with pneumatics from 2003, considered one of the best sets from the studless era. Contains 10 pneumatic cylinders. This set is known for its very compact and smooth design; of the 700 or so pieces only 5 or 6 have studs.

Notable elements

Technic has supplied the builder with many new and specialized parts, such as

Peeron BrickLink
Peeron BrickLink
  • Technic Brick: Appearing in many different lengths, Technic bricks (such as Technic Brick (8 long) for example) is used extensively in Technic models. LEGO has reduced the number of Technic Bricks used in official sets in favour of liftarms.

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